Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski in her second season at the French luxury house redefined a new concept of luxury, mixing sporty elements with basic, must-to have in every wardrobe silhouettes made from materials of the highest quality. Everything looks so essential, primordial and alluring, regardless if the material is leather, silk, cashmere or cotton translated in garments like overcoats, tailored jackets, cropped tops, wide trousers and pleated skirts.  And when the talk is about essential-pieces, they are, why not say it frankly, they must be comfortable too. Actually beside the shape and the high quality of the material, the comfort is always a must in these pieces and Nadège reached this in the collection, helped also by sneakers, paired with many outfits during the fashion show.  

/ original images and video courtesy of hermès, except the main original image courtesy of jason lloyd evans /

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