Quatre Moon is another dimension, a place that exists only in you, only for you. A safe place, a place where you reconnect with yourself. The reached balance. Sometimes even a re-think of what happened, a reset. Enjoy.



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"Based on a memory of whenever the fuse blew in the night time, my grandpa would light a candle to lead me back to my room…so ideally this work would be presented in a group (up to 10) to resemble the 10 family members living in my grandpa`s old house. To me, they now stand nicely as an individual pieces as "you are your own home", and when they are in groups, they are great companions or a family." —Kelly Fung



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Exquisitely layered tulip bustier meticulously crafted from a luxurious and crisp cotton fabric from Róhe in an optic white colour, exuding elegance and sophistication.



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Who is this woman who was sailing the Adriatic with the Prince of Wales and Wallis Warfield Simpson and was loved by some of its most prominent men, from Prime Minister Asquith to the great bass Chaliapin and the newspaper magnate Lord Beaver Brook? Cecil Beaton called her ''furiously beautiful'', while Churchill considered her ''of great worth in this sad world.''. 



The ancient Greeks were known for their laid-back elegance, and their influence shines through in this effortlessly stylish slipper which bears their name. With a low heel and elegant sole, this slipper is an ideal choice for luxurious and not only indoor comfort.