jean prouve
bed model no. 102, 1936


It´s a simple, sensual perfume and it captures the aromatic heart of Linda´s original Jasmine & Neroli Face Oil with its heady combination of delicately fragrant Jasmine and spicy Neroli. An oil based perfume with an incredibly silky touch on the skin, Rodin has a distinctive signature at once intimate and long lasting. We can easily say - a perfect spring perfume.




performed by feist


The latest issue features a 140-page portfolio by Juergen Teller and a 52-page supplement dedicated to Raf Simon´s first season at Calvin Klein. Not enough? Hmm, doubt it, but there´s more, like the Pulitzer-Prize winning critic Robin Givhan, sound and visual activists Michael Gaubert and Frédéric Sanchez,…and it continues.