If I am correct, this last work by Alice Rohrwacher is not in theatres anymore, so why should I write about it when it is already gone? From my perspective, the existence of one film should not end with the last day of its projection, but it is just the beginning of the film´s journey, the film as a finished work, as an art entity. In these regards, is this movie worth its post-distribution life, at least a human-length one, if not eternal?  


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In 1973 the architect Ricardo Bofill founded in Sant Just Desvern, Spain, a disused cement factory, an industrial complex consisting of over 30 silos, massive machine rooms and sub-terranean galleries. He then decided to transform everything into the head office of his Taller de Arquitectura. It took two years for all remodelling works to achieve the desired result, a mix of surrealist elements, like pieces of iron hanging in the air or stairs that climbed up to nowhere, with the decadency of an abandoned factory, partially in ruins. From all 30 silos at the end of the transformation process remained 8 in total, which became offices, archives, a library, a models laboratory, a projections room and The Cathedral, a gigantic space used for concerts, exhibitions and whole other ranges of cultural functions.  


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After fourteen years, a brand known for oversized and elegant silhouettes has launched its first-ever bag collection. 

The biggest one is Doublet, a slouchy, roomy tote easily slung over the shoulder and constructed by a few seams. The slightly smaller one is Shiboru, which in Japanese means "to squeeze", and has a more angular take on the tote and has an adjustable strap, while the smallest of the three, Fortuna is a rounded, structured cross-body bag with an adjustable strap. 



Immerse yourself in this playlist, in the dreams, any kind of them, from dark to bright ones, shaped and formed for you by Morpheus, who also appears in them in a human form. Click on the playlist below for a preview or on the image and enjoy.



Crisp-white, soft-white or off-white, in one word "Candid". I've handpicked four elegant white jackets that are truly timeless and can be worn throughout the year. Choose your favourite below and click on the photo.