Isabella Rossellini´s distinguish voice on the soundtrack opened the show. This was not just a random thing, but a sort of a true homage to the artist, by who Samuel Drira´s was inspired while making the collection. Just mind her Mao jacket, here reinterpreted in utilitarian collars and rigour. Rosellini is an emblem of eclectic elegance, where she in every of her outfits combines comfort, practicality and usefulness on timeless, sophisticated basis with that always present Asian hint. This is the same aesthetic approached by Samuel Drira in every Nehera collection since he became the brand´s creative director. He offers a new path to sartorial satisfaction through a uniform of individuality and functionality with no season, sexual and style limit. Each garment offers many options of wear, giving to a wearer a freedom of expression, a characteristic that all clothes at the end should have.

/ original images and video courtesy of nehera /

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