Every time I hear talking about (upcoming) celebrity beauty lines, to be sincere, my eyes make that typical, yes cynical roll and my mind loose the attention of it a second after. Why should be different when the word is about Gwyneth Paltrow and her freshly “baked” beauty line? Probably the only fact that made my curiosity evolved to take few moments (longer minutes) to get to know more about it, was Paltrow´s well-known obsession for healthy-natural life; it´s not a case that she´s known as a healthy-guru.

The Goop skincare line, named after her successful lifestyle site, is composed of six pieces, made in collaboration with Juice Beauty. Every product combines innovative formulas with natural ingredients, like plant steam cells. You can find the oil, exfoliating mask, day and night cream, eye cream and a cleansing balm, all made from 99% (I have always asked myself what´s inside that 1%? Probably makes a difference or?) organic ingredients and powerful hydrating-anti-aging  actives, with no pesticides, silicon or parabens included. Who even thought it would be different? We have Paltrow´s hands in this, so you´re secure. Here to try.

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