Every collection that J.W. Anderson makes, except maybe the one for Vesrus, it comes as a true surprise and believe me, nowadays it´s quite hard to see anything interesting on a catwalk, beside few brands making really great daily-pieces (whereby you built your perfect wardrobe). I really like Anderson and I think that he is, regardless double* awards at the BFA yesterday, one of really, really few designers to be named as a true talent. His style is distinctive, almost unique and although every time different, you always know that is about him and his aesthetic. I admire his idea of mixing periods, new concepts and also his playful side in a really smart way.  Want a proof? Do I need to prove it? I hardly think so. Take a look at his latest Loewe collection.  Anderson plays with the idea of mixing two poles that are representing the current word; a synthetic, man-made on one side versus organic, natural materials on the other side. Many could also say a mix of a good-taste, almost bourgeois´ style with a bad-taste made of literal pvc- transparency, logo-mania and a the first sight not really flattering shoes .  Exactly here is the core, the essence of his brilliance; merging really sellable clothes with the “wow-factor” editorial ones. Once again my dear, chapeau!

/ original images and video courtesy of loewe, except the main original image courtesy of jason lloyd evans /

*he won, well-deserved, for both, womenswear and menswear

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