One of main goals is to “discover” and to promote promising fashion designers and their brands. It´s exciting to know that a lot of them came from Eastern Europe. One of the new generation talents is also Anna Sosnovskaya and her must-to-watch-out brand SOSNOVSKA. Discover Anna and her brand with my Q&A divided into personal and work part.


- Who is Anna Sosnovskaya?
I am a Fashion designer.

- What is your current state of mind?
Absorbed by ideas, in a meditative state.

- What is your motto?
To never stop.

- What is your obsession?
As I completely immerse myself in any process, with my full dedication, apparently this is my obsession.

- Your last dream (during sleeping :) )?
Darkness clouds my own recollection of my dreams. I prefer to dream in the presence.

- What is your best quality and what is your biggest weakness?
This is the bipolar feeling of being fully absorbed by the processes whilst having to deal with the consequences of this intentional process.

- Which talent would you most like to have?
I think that a person can develop in himself is already a wonderful talent. Everything is real and we can choose our own paths.

- What would you change about yourself?
Nothing has changed, I comprehend both new and developing processes.

- What the word freedom means to you?
Full freedom is living in your own world in which there are no restrictions and limits.

- Best and worst memory?
I live with good memories only, as I appreciate each light and pleasant moment in my life.

- In what occasion do you lie?
One of the qualities that have been passed to me from childhood is to be a honest and open person. Lies are empty, shallow and meaningless, because the truth always remains open and more powerful.

- What turns you into becoming a fashion designer?
Life and its many situations and preferences, that shape my identity and interests and move my creativity in the right direction.

- What inspires you and what distracts you (turn you off) creatively?
Inspiring: calmth and silence. Distracting: noise and bustle.

- What do you think of the fashion system?
I avoid the notion of the system as such. It implies limitations and conditions, but for work and business it is extremely necessary to take notice. I'd rather take this notice as means of connection current conditions, opportunities and activities for a purposeful movement, allowing me to stay on track on a predetermined path.

- What about the new way of communication, like blogging?
New communication is always important as it opens great opportunities and prospects. As for blogging, it can be a great method to transfer information from an independent person to an interested audience in an easily accessible way.

- What is your personal style and who do you mostly wear?
My own style is quite minimalist and creatively strict. I prefer dark colors. In most I wear my own garments, which fully reflect my personal preferences and style. Personally, I prefer an elongated silhouettes, adding on layers. In practical terms this mean, jackets, shirts, long dresses and rarely trousers. Nothing more, as is indeed very close to the SOSNOVSKA silhouette.

- Best movie, track, album, exhibition or event?
I prefer not to rank such preferences by categories. In my opinion there have been written many beautiful music, tracks, books and there are so many movies, magazines. All this abundance of creative work developed by many talented and creative person, all have their own peculiarities and the individual right to be the best for their audience.


Anna Sosnovskaya's eponymous line was founded in the Republic of Belarus back in 2009. It aims to create well-thought-out garments with laconic and minimalistic aesthetic.
It all started with menswear and from F/W 2013/2014 collection she add womenswear too. SOSNOVSKA's design aesthetic is characterized by a selection of modern, opulent materials, allows for lush finishings and a composed strong silhouette. SOSNOVSKA suggests cognitive interaction between external and internal human values. It is in this atmospheric pensive conjuncture that each singular collection remains deeply embedded. The brand you should really watch out.

/ all images below are from SOSNOVSKA S/S 2014 collection /

- How would you describe your aesthetic as a designer?
SOSNOVSKA is all about personal aesthetics and controlled functionality. The silhouette is composed of creative minimalist forms and clear laconic silhouettes. Henceforth, they are developed from a profound idea and expression, through constructive lines and implying technological innovation. For each collection, I create a peculiar world and mood in order to show depth and distinctive visuals.

- You come from Belarus and your brand´s headquarters are also there. How is fashion evolving in your country and what´s the difference between raising a brand in your country or it would be in one of fashion capitals? How much importance your country put into fashion?
This is a closed country in which there is a widespread understatement of everything that is connected with creativity, art and fashion. A small number of people who have an interest in these areas cannot yet form an overall picture to indicate what tangible facts and advantages exist in this field. Of course I want to believe that this situation will change in the future and that progress shall actively and positively grow and claim its righteous place in the contemporary world.

- At the beginning you did only menswear. The F/W 2013/2014 features also the first women collection. It is quite unusual, especially for a woman designer to start with menswear. Why was that?
Maybe it's strange, but the design of men's clothing is a world in which I feel comfortable and thus can freely and easily create. Personally, I have a strong internal design vision that fit well to the man's silhouette.
The construction of a women’s line, sort of happened on its own. I did not think about this direction, but it suddenly just appeared close to me. By creating a women's collection, I reflected carefully for a long period, looking for a visual feature and my personal sense of the effeminate look. As soon as this was adopted and a suitable image was constructed, the first women's collection was born.

- Could you please describe your work process (the process of building one collection)? And what is the best and the worst part of your work process? Is there a difference in making menswear and womenswear? If yes, what is it? Do you have any person, muse that inspires you while making a collection?
I have an idea that is gradually beginning to take form in my mind. I write down my thoughts, sketch fragments describing sensations and desires outlining the general idea and image. Then I do a lot of additional sketches. These are aimed at exploring different fabrics swatches and materials and for me to decide what additional visual and technical features should be added. This stage concludes when I finally draw the approved models, fabrics and materials- And as a result the production process, which is not less responsible and interesting, takes a lot of my time, as I constantly experiment with treatments and innovative techniques.

I particularly love these moments, they are always different in the circumstances, but are united in the end. For me, there is no big difference in the process of creating male or female clothing. Of course the first women's collection was more time consuming, not because of the complexity, but rather because of my attitude and specific way of working with the men's clothing.
My inspiration is rather multilateral and has many sources, that I consequently combined into one unified idea.

- Does SOSNOVSKA have a signature look? And if yes, could you please describe it? What makes your brand, aesthetic unique?
It is a constant feature of SOSNOVSKA. As it moves from one collection to the next, incorporating developments and improvements. This unchanging concept, is often expressed through imagery, inherent to SOSNOVSKA shape, laconic silhouette and constructive techniques. Every time creates this sets the principle mood for each collection. By creating new collection, I would like to continue a story that began earlier.
Personally, I have my own particular vision on design. Such items may not be visible at a cursory browse, but when receiving an object in your hands, you can feel its interaction. Each piece is unanimous, in line with our image and ready to reveal its other side.

- Who is SOSNOVSKA´s customer?
This is a person who has a set of beliefs and views, makes his/her own choices and has its own unique peculiarity and intelligent attitude. At the moment our customers are only men, but we are confident that in the near future women shall be part of this as well.

- For now you promote your brand through campaign photos, videos and the quality that is becoming known. What you should do more? What are your plans? Runway shows?
We have additional plans for international promotion and development, as well as views on their implementation. We are certainly working in this direction, looking for opportunities to implement- And we have a special position to talk about it our designs and work.

- has from the beginning also a online store. Beside that where we can find the brand? What are your plans on how to expand the brand?
Currently find and buy our clothes is possible exclusively through our online store ( At the moment we are working to expand the brand and in the following seasons will present the collection in a special showroom in Paris.

- Tell me about your last collection, S/S 2014 menswear? What is the red line of the collection?
The image of men's S/S 2014 collection was born from a set of focused ideas based on creating a mental image of a man and his perception of the real world. Pure thoughts and clean lines that envelop the body, thusly creating an comfortable outer shell. Next to this, we aimed to provide a sense of exemption from all intentionally unnecessary elements, thus allowing for freedom and transformed realities. Each garment is what it is. Freed from sartorial stereotypes and the imposition of ideas.

- Your favorite piece from that collection?
Close to me and loved are all items and pieces in the collection.

- What is next? Could you give us a preview of your S/S 2014 womenswear?
We are currently working on the second women's SS 14 collection. You will see it very soon.

A big and special thank you to Vitali Chyleka and Marlo Saalmink for making this interview possible.

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