We are in the middle of the summer...warm, tooo warm weather is out...and we barely dress us, well I could say most of the time undress due the heat...well, I still cannot avoid the fact that I prefer a bit colder weather (I am hearing now a big "woooo" with pointed finger down ;) ) and is not just because you can breathe better (in fact you can!), but I LOOOOOVE to dress! Perfect time for me is early spring and whole fall...I simply adore the layering thing and mixing casual with a bit elegant-close to lux garments. It´s not just clothing but a style, attitude...the whole package!

One of my favorite online shops, LaGarconne is always full of great (I said "great"?), marvelous stuff and they time by time make really nice and inspiring editorials...this one is inspired by the street style. They really turn me on (they always know how to do it)...cannot wait for the fall!!!!

To shop all styles click here or the last photo (the one with the credits). Enjoy! xxx

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