The young and recently launched Lisbon based fashion label HIBU. Co-developed by Marta Gonçalves and Gonçalo Páscoa, creates street wear that are not stuck just in one gender, combining deconstructive elements with functionality, comfort and a little bit of drama. 

About "YOUTH"

Gonçalo Páscoa,22-years-old HIBU. co-founder and designer, describs it:  “YOUTH was born out of melancholia out of the carefree feeling we used to have as kids… That feeling that allowed us to play and imagine beyond what others wanted or thought about us. We had no rules, no boundaries, only freedom to be whatever and whomever we felt like it. This collection is all about that, that freendom. It tries to showcase an effortless, adrogynous and comfortable style by deconstructing basics and having a sporty feel. The movie Lords of Dogtown also played a major role when it comes to esthetics because it sums up all of the above thanks to the coolest skaters that ruled back in the days. YOUTH is a celebration of freedom and style.”

Behind the scenes video:

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