Last month (April) i have been interviewed by Katja Horvat for Projekt27
Projekt27 is a Slovenian Life Style and Fashion online magazine (in Slovene language).
With Ambient magazine (print edition) are the only fashion and design media i Love the most in Slovenija. They are the only one who push boundaries, which in Slovenija regrettably still are - especially in fashion media and economy around fashion. Most of people in Slovenija (who has power in economy) still thinks of fashion as a D-side part of business world and they don´t give fashion any chance to evolve. The country has quite few talented designers...ahhh the system is so wrong and if i go on, it will become a very loooong maybe next time. 

You can see this interview on photos below or online on the Projekt27 website (where you can use an English translator to understand the interview).

Images courtesy of Projekt27

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