Independent brand means to have all-possible freedom of expression available on this earth, translated into design(s). The lucky few of them are into a big hype last few seasons. One big reason was mentioned, the other is actually a sort of consequence, mix-matching different styles and periods in one look, even if at first sight may look grotesque, but the common result, actually effect of each look is the same: screaming independence, a pure freedom. Yeah, that famously freedom of expression, (through)clothes included. Among brands like Vetements or Koché is also Y/ProjectGlenn Martens as creative director offers well sells to us clothes evoking that, the freedom from fear and judgements, a freedom where a central part as individuality, a freedom of expressing who we are. There are no rules, except wearing what you like. So mix liberally techno, new Goth, punk and even some oh-Britney things on the same look, if you like. Yeah, the point is what you like.

/ original images courtesy of y/project and sonny vandevelde /

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