Can you put in the same sentence J.W. Anderson and a cocktail dress? Sure, if you add in-between the word quirky or also deliberate awkwardness and it works as magic! His f/w 2016/2017 women’s-wear collection it is an ode to a cocktail dress, in his way of course or in a more fashionably way to say, his concept of cocktail wear. Anderson´s futuristic huge-touch was almost literal this time, because referencing well-known sci-fi movies from the 70´s, yeah, the same period of Pierre Cardin, whose aesthetic was based on avant-garde style and Space Age designs, the one who used a lot of non-conventional materials, especially for that time.
Anderson experimented as usual with all three elements, texture, volume and silhouette, from A-line tuxedo shirt dresses with multi-coloured wavy hems to circular, zippered and draped tunics with asymmetrical hems and embossed trousers, cowl-neck tunics, quilted jackets, studded tops and deconstructed blouses that were held together by metal rings. If someone needed (still, really?) a confirmation of his talent, well, a nice and generous portion of it was served with this collection. Bon appétit!

/ original images and video courtesy of j.w. anderson, except the main original image courtesy of jason lloyd-evans /

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