When I saw this collection my mouth was literally in the open “oooh” position till the last model entrance. It was almost a shock for me, a very positive one! Who would ever imagine to see a true avant-garde collection from Joseph, yeah, that brand who is worldwide known and renowned by its lux-leather, cashmere basics and close-to-strict minimalism? Who would ever imagine that Louise Trotter would challenge her sophisticated and symmetric aesthetic with the opposite one, for her a new one? I guess no one and that´s why the surprise was even more effective. That´s why this collection may be a good example of an anti-conformist fashion, the fashion that should all business/money effect aside be a dare thing, a and think big thing and when it´s everything than that, I guess you really need to rethink if this is your mission, if it´s a proper work for you, where you can give something more than just another standard thing.  Who will need another lean, well-made suit, regardless if on runway or in shops, when you can opt, once in a while or at least once, for something different, exaggerated, but still very luxurious, like the re-worked suits, turns inside out or bulky oversize knitwear adorned by hand sewn different motifs or corsets and leather bra over the top of the shirt. Simply love, love, love this androgynous, Victorian-like lady, who is visiting the Shetland!

/ original images and video courtesy of joseph, except the main original image courtesy of jason lloyd-evans /

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