Simons eponymous brand celebrated 20th anniversary with this collection and it was the first one as a post (free from) Dior. He celebrated it (both?) by making a collection where David Lynch´s "Twin Peaks" meets the "Breakfast Club" under  influences from designer Martin Margiela and the artist Cindy Sherman´s retrospective "United Horrors", everything “embossed” into his trademark aesthetic. That´s why loads of his school-boys wore oversized, distressed V-neck sweaters or cardigans with that "eaten by moths" effects, with exaggerated-long, till-the-knee, sleeves, matched with bright polos or shirts underneath, while others opted for maxi puffers and tailored check coats. Every-single one wore slim-fit three-quarter-length pleated pants accentuating this even more the volume happening at the top-part. 

/ original images and video courtesy of raf simons, except the main original image courtesy of raf simons /

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