When majority of designers every season on” easy-foot only” re-do their own version and vision of latest trend-s (there is still on and almost everywhere that yet-annoying 70´s), exist few, believe me, really few exceptional-individualist that are simply doing their own “thing” and creatively overshadow others. Frankly, this should do every designer or those who want to be entitled that way. Fashion should be creative and not only manipulative re-copies of the past with an (worst) excuse to make money.  It should, but it isn´t. J.W. Anderson is one of those rarities who still swims and I bet even with more rebellion against the stream. We cannot adore every single piece from his collection, but we are always captivated by. His androgynous-man, interlaced between the kinetic, rave energy and Disney-like world, from the latest showed collection in London, proves that.  Anderson´s alabaster-models, “equipped” with Perspex studded collars, metal headbands and leather boxing boots, showcased knee-length cocooning with ripped parts cardigans,  a perforated stamped leather coat, rabbit-fur vests, prolonged satin-suits with cloud-shaped zipped pouch pockets, a fluffy white-fur bomber, rib knitted pants that were laced at the ankle, a ribbed-olive knit ensemble and loads of pyjama-like combos. The snail-symbol, embossed, printed or stitched, was present almost on every look, as a great contraposition to the Michel Gaubert´s techno hard-core soundtrack (and not only).

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