Not so long ago, actually two fashion seasons ago many of you*were sceptical about the merge of John Galliano and the fashion institution as Margiela is. I still don´t know why it was so hard to imagine a rococo with deconstruction under the same roof? We all forgot something here; both designers have something common. Something that makes them a good match, or if not even a perfect one and will not be strange that after few seasons the two will blend completely. Both have a huge sense of humour and the aspect of subversion. This 32-looks collection is a true-evidence of that. 50´s homage in the first half, with all roomy gowns and knee-length coats merged into the world of a modern Geisha, made of kimono jackets, narrow skirts and flaring gowns in the second part. The Ziggy Stardust make-up, the Victorian-lady meets the 50´s suburban housewife hair and the kitty-heeled shoes connected the whole show together (in details here). By the way, did anyone notice the guys?

/ original images courtesy of maison margiela, except the main original image courtesy of jason lloyd evans /

*me inclusive

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