When two brands with very similar seasonless and minimal aesthethics join forces into more than dream collaboration; this is what happened between our beloved COS and the Danish interior company Hay. The two know each other very well, because COS has used Hay furniture in its stores for many years, so this follow-up step is more than spontaneous, natural. The two are now displaying and selling in selected stores (Vienna, London and Gothenborg) and online the collaborative designs alongside other items individually selected from Hay’s range, by head of women´s-wear design Karin Gustaffson and head of men´s-wear Martin Andersson. "We have always admired what Hay do and share many values. Our customers have a keen interest in interior design and we felt it was the right time to offer alternative products that complimented our clothing collections." said Andersson.

The brands have also worked together with Spanish designer Tomas Alonso to produce a pair of tables, in paying attention to the usefulness and making it completely foldable for easy storage, but still keeping the two brand´s effortless and simple look
"Over many years we have been very happy to work with COS on so many different levels and projects. At Hay we see ourselves in between fashion and architecture and in working with COS we feel like we have found a perfect home." said Hay co-founders, Mette and Rolf Hay.

I can only add, what a great surprise my dear COS; well to be frank, you´ve been always leading the way with unexpected and exciting collaborations in architecture and interior design. Who doesn´t mind the installation at Milano Salone del Mobile 2015, made in collaboration with architecture firm Snarkitecture?  Well, well done.

/ original images courtesy of cos /

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