The fashion business is really about denim lately and it will be in upcoming seasons, men and women, none was and will be excluded. It´s ok to buy denim from a fashion brand, but generally most of them are focus on season trends, so you will get a season denim piece; nothing wrong, because after all denim is timeless and almost every piece made of it becomes so. When I decide to buy denim, I always prefer start looking for it between brands that made denim things only. When I´ve said denim things are timeless ones, I meant it, but never got in mind only classic ones, because some brand made really wow things! Below take a at my favourite European denim brands*creating really cool and utilitarian pieces.

The head photo of this post is from hers F/W 2015/2016 collection. Steinmetz, born in Paris and now based in London, uses unique hand-woven techniques to create breath-taking fabrics, with which she will made real piece of art garments. Her jeans, for example, come painted or hand-felted in thick silicone and with details like exaggerated stitching. Each piece is really meticulously made and she takes approximately up to one week, using sustainable yarn and recycled fabrics. Only very few samples are made, so we can easily say that also denim has its own couturier. 

Since established in 2012 by Swedish duo Jens Grede and Erik Torstensson , the brand is flourishing among fashionistas, celebrities** and all good-denim lovers. At the beginning their intent was only to launch a singular pair of jeans (Le Skinny, 2012), but the success made them to become an international denim dynamo with a loads of loyal. I need also to mention brand´s really successful collaboration with a supermodel Karlie Kloss (Forever Karlie) that evolved after she complained to the designers about her frustration at finding denim long enough.

The streetwear brand was founded in 2013 by Fergus Purcell (aka Fergadelic) and Sofia Prantera, who met in the early '90s at London's iconic skate store, Slam City Skates. Their undone d-i-y glamour, combining relaxed urban aesthetic and graphic illustrations, is designed in Britain and produced in Italy

Marques'Almeida is the pure synonymy of a contemporary grunge aesthetic, recognizable by signature raw and frayed edges, one shouldered cuts and flat pockets The brand, established in 2011 by the youthful Portuguese duo* Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida, became in a short amount of time a true cult.

This is a new, unisex brand, created by Melissa Clement ****, with a range of utilitarian denims, with no of gender and age. This is actually the main idea of denim-wear; the non-rivalled unisex and universal appeal is actually the main idea of denim-wear, since becoming our daily garment. It´s more than just girls borrowing boys’ boyfriend jeans or boys sneezing into skinnies.

MiH Denim was originally launched in 1969 as Made in Heaven by Tony O`Gorman and became known for its playful styles, a modern denim with a flattering fit and the iconic dove motif. Four decades later in 2006, Tony´s goddaughter Chloe Lonsdale took the helm and re-established, mixing retro archives of the house with a contemporary twist. So it´s not strange at all, those among brand´s lovers are celebrities, like Sarah Jessica Parker, Katie Holmes, Natalie Portman and many fashion editors.

* I must admit it; most of them are British
** among them are Kate Bosworth and Miranda Kerr
*** trained at the prestigious Central Saint Martins College
****a former denim buyer for Topshop who has worked within the industry for 14 years.

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