Trend followers and not*, we have this and upcoming season something really**in common. It´s not just about a piece, but more about of material and from which can be made almost everything. I am totally realistic, when I say that everybody*** is in contact with it from early age. What I am talking about? Three possibilities to guess would be more than enough, but I will not tease you anymore. Denim, yeah! If nothing else, my first memory of it is traced to my early childhood wearing denim dungarees. A little farm-boy like in the city . Since then the denim industry evolved enormously, not only  in numbers of different jeans brands that have been established, but the functionality and usable side of it in different sectors.
That´s why I´ve decided that this week´s post will be mostly focus on denim and you´re right if you presume that will be in correlation with fashion. So let the D week starts!

*me included
** that really is underlined, bolded and big

***and I mean that

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