It´s not anymore strange, actually it´s already obvious, that big fashion (power) houses shows also their value by choosing the location for their in-between (and the most sellable) collections. If for the resort 2016 Chanel opted for the Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul and Louis Vuitton for the Bob Hope Estate in Palm Spring, was Dior “forced” doing similar. As distinct from other two fashion forces, the French fashion house decided to remain in Europe, exactly at the Palais Bulles (between Cannes and Monaco) – Pier Cardin´s retro futuristic mansion, designed in 1975 by Antti Lovag and finished in 1984.

Raf Simons´s goal for this collection was to make a sort of a statement what his design really is – an idea of freedom, playfulness and individuality. Inspired by the colours, the light and the landscapes of the French Riviera, Simons made a true collage by mixing achieve textures, designs and artisanal techniques with the variety of the Riviera. Painter blouses, jackets with maxi pockets, playsuits, cropped sailor pants paired with Lurex-striped tops and sleek tennis dresses. He didn´t forget to add the easiness and the holiday spirit of the place. Sun-kissed colours, leather flip-flops, flat booties and weavy models hairs were prone to evoke that. 

Raf Simons explaining his point of view...

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