There´s always a certain joy when doing a post abut a new, fresh and really creative talent. It´s even more when the talent originates from your “neighbourhood”. Viennese-born, now Milan-based designer Arthur Arbesser presented his latest collection during Milan Fashion Week last February.  Inspired by the exhibition he saw in Vienna during last Christmas time, “Ways to Modernism: Josef Hoffmann, Adolf Loos and their Impact”, he brought the same mood to the collection; a mix of opaque and shiny textures, colours and volumes. There was a true stand-out in terms of materials; most of the times exceptional and unusual ones, making his simple, really wearable, but cleverly made pieces, more than fresh and modern. Somehow true jewels. A leather-like coat in rubberized cotton, the silvered shirt and skirt or dresses with the liquid-effect are just few examples on how simple pieces can become remarkable. It´s really fascinating also to see how shapes (dirndl-shaped skirts), prints (the multicolour one inspired by Vienna´s Wiener Werkstätte) and materials (custom- made and delivered from Austria) of all his collection are always inspired or in the spirit of his hometown, his country. The fashion prominences couldn´t overlook this true talent. There is no surprise why is he among seven finalists of this year’s LVMH prize award.

/ original images courtesy of arthur arbesser /

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