Yohji Yamamoto brought us for the S/S 2015 something new, something he never did before…the sphere he never researched till now.  Sex. Yes, it´s kind strange to link together this word and Yamamoto´s aesthetic.  But he did it, in his own way and the result is more than perfect. Soft, as the sex can also be. Suspender pants paired with sheer bandeau top, transparent jackets with a pyjama ease, aged-look like knits, laces, cropped jeans-inspired jackets, shirty-corsets and loose slips. Every piece have a Yamamoto-trademark; involved cuts, asymmetry and lots of layering. Even the possible only “rough” element of the collection, the gold leather zipper coats, reminding us a dominatrix, are at the end pure Yohji. No rough, but really sensual, with Tango as a cherry on the top through the whole fashion show.

/ original images and video courtesy of yohji yamamoto, except the head original image courtesy of elise toide /

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