There was no fashion show for Gareth Pugh. There was no Paris for him either. After ten years in the business, he decided to turn a new page; not to erase the past, but somehow make an end point and starting a new one…a new chapter. New York was for him a perfect showcase place for this “new” re-start. In collaboration with Simon Costin, from the Museum of British Folklore, the designer has created a collection inspired by the Anglo-Saxon pagan rituals and some pieces really remind us those rituals; 3D textures, draping with sculptural and theatrical shapes, that Pugh knows how to perfectly deliver, with symbolic elements, like ropes, rags and masks to recall those rituals in contrasting colours of white, black and beige.

Alongside the collection were made three videos, “Megalith”, “Chaos” and “Ascension”, made by a filmmaker and artist Andrew Ascension, combining Gareth Pugh’s designs with performances by models, choreographed by Wayne McGregor.

/ original images and videos courtesy of gareth pugh /

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