As I once wrote, his collection S/S2014 only confirmed this: Ivan Rocco is a master of combining different patterns, colors and materials into an unique unity. This time was a combination of flowers and Burberry inspired plaid patterns, accentuated with a bold yellow, close-to electric blue, pinkest pink and intense red. Classic materials mixed with technical ones to obtain a very lovely and desirable streetwear meets sportswear inspired collection, with a novelty of adding menswear (his first time) too. 

As a representative of mostly black or monochromatic outfit combinations (and design), this collection opens mine, a till that day (I thought) never existed, colorful part of me and make me tempted to try…so I call it, “Rocco-effect” on me! :)

/ Photos and video courtesy of Primož Predalič and Elle Slovenija /

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