After all these years of different designers collaborations with H&M or Uniqlo or Target or the not so long mentioned with Bik Bok...it came also the period (slowly becoming a sort of trend) when fashion houses for their second lines use or collaborate with guest designers, in most of cases are celebrities, to design (do they?) for the fashion house a sort of capsule or limited edition collection. This is definitely a good trick to gain publicity and of course to earn more money.
The sad thing that everything today became a mix...everyone does everything...sometimes with not that bad result, sometimes with so bad, that is even not worth to mention it. This is an instant era...the era when people think you do not need that much talent, but just a shock factor to get everywhere. Maybe they are right, but an instant thing has also the other side of the medal...as instant does not last that long. Talent and hardworking at the end always win! :)

I am not putting a finger to no one, so enough of polemics for now...the reason of the post is also to present M.I.A. `s capsule collection for Versus. Their statement describes this collection as: "Riffing on classic sportswear, the collection remixes Versace trademarks, combining golden medallions with Sanskrit-inspired lettering and glowing lotus flowers. Loud, outspoken and ready for action, it’s everyday armor, bristling with urban attitude."

Take a look of total 14 looks, six for men and eight women (or they said: boys and girls) and/or buy here

/ Photos courtesy of Ver

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