Masha Reva did it again...for the second time! Who deosn´t remember her super successful collection of printed sweatshirts under the name "Botanical layers" in collaboration with the Ukrainian streetstyle brand Syndicate? I bet you do! Well, now she repeated the victorious formula and made her second capsule collection in collaboration with before mentioned brand.
"Odessa series is about a new take on Ukrainian kitsch and an ironical view on how Ukrainians desire to look luxurious. By presenting paradoxical elements within the imagery such as an enormously expensive jewelry-piece from Christie’s auction, placed next to a cheap vintage brooch found on an Odessa flea market, perfectly define the elements which now seem to make up a contemporary Ukrainians fashion DNA.The look-book was shot under creative direction of London based photographer Madame Peripetie and stylist Stella Gosteva."-Syndicate

This collection compared to the other one has a novelty...beside five different and unique sweatshirts, the collections offers also four, a bit-under the ankle length dresses, still with Masha Reva´s gorgeous print. For now they sell only sweatshirts...which one is your favorite one? Got it? Then just click on the photo of the sweatshirt you like most and you will be redirected to their e-shop.
I simply die for the sweatshirt number one and three!

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