BARBARA I GONGINI SS14 woman researches multi-lateral ways to explore utility garments, by embracing a connection between avant-garde aesthetics and personal sartorial interaction. The central thought of this collection is collecting garments by merging styles and allowing for functional reflections on silhouettes and tailoring.
Conceptual, yet composed, garments are fit for combined layering or appear detachable for more deconstructed shapes. The highly interactive collection challenges wearers to play with textures, shapes and volumes. Dry cotton jersey, light silks, translucent gauze, fine leather coated cotton knits, 3d surfaced rendered linens and tulles, are fitted into a symphony of monochrome individuality.

In the other hand Barbara´s man is playful, yet pensive and composed, SS14 MAN challenges modern sartorial standards, by providing optional interchangeability and by inviting wearers to explore their silhouettes allegorically.
The collection is defined by combinations, dimensional variations, textural explorations and componential silhouettes.
Asymmetry, multi layering and long silhouettes are juxtaposed opposite sleeker fluid basics, allowing for individual wardrobe decisions. Each look can be deconstructed, or layers can be added on, as garment components seamlessly complementing each other. An array of fitted coats, shorts, lush leggings, elongated shirts and constructed oversized vests, are transitioned into full silhouettes, by the introduction of directional accessories.

Barbara´s trademark aesthetic, a mix of Nordic avant-garde with nice shaped daywear must have basics, is evolving into a very solid brand. A brand with the feeling that has a great heritage behind it.

Behind the scenes photos by Lis Breland Saalmink / 

Images and video courtesy of Barbara I Gongini, special thanks to Marlo Saalmink for the text material

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