Looking for a perfect thing is hard (sometimes even harder) to find a perfect place or perfect time or even perfect person. Overall, the word "perfect" sounds (and definitely is) utopic. What perfection is? Or when you realize that someone or something is perfect? Very subjective and stressful. But most of all, b o r i n g! Yes, to be perfect is boring, because no one is perfect and if you try to be, you are not yourself aren´t natural...and you are just acting, play a role.

Ok, this is when it comes for people. But when are objects, clothes, bags, shoes in the point of question...well, this is another story. Here the perfection must be welcomed. A thoughtful buy (I am not good in that, but I am doing better...I am learning or try hard ;)) is not an option, but a must!
It´s quite a long time while I was and still I am looking for a perfect, quite small every day bag...the one to be the alternative of my small black in grained leather Pandora bag by Givenchy (here the same one, but in shearling version).

 You know what, I think I find it! It´s super cool small (I prefer small bags in last period...they are easier to carry everywhere, every time) Ryder satchel by3.1 Phillip Lim. It´s just me and my taste or Phillip Lim´s bags are every year better?
Ok, this one is big (small) enough as every day bag, with clean lines, but still edgy and enough special. It´s kind of timeless design and a nice add to my every day style, which sometimes is more biker-ish, sometimes more alternative and sometimes just easy.

 In one word: "PERFECT!”. Dear bag, you are definitely on my wish list...and I hope soon, mine too!

/ click on "Read more" to see photo of the bag from different angles /

Image courtesy of LaGarconne

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