magazine numéro #181 march 2017
photographer katja mayer
stylist samuel francois
hair joseph pujalte
make-up satoko watanabe
model arizona muse

Couture is a way for any lucky designer to showcase its statement of strength and technical ability. Why lucky? Regardless the fact that each this made-to-measure pieces costs a fortune, not anyone nor any fashion house can use that world as a statement per se, because the entry to the schedule is very strictly policed by the Chambre de commerce et d´industrie de Paris and each fashion house before get that statement must meet stringent guidelines, including having a Paris-based atelier with more than 20 people to work in. After all we are talking of the crème de la crème in fashion, building that way a strong image to fashion houses, like Chanel and Dior, who most profits from it gain not through showcased clothes, but through handbags, accessories and beauty products.

/ original images courtesy of numéro /

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