Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski used the brand´s famous scarves patterns from the archive and transformed them into prints for silk shirts and dresses that are paired with high-waisted trousers, cashmere-knitted pieces, straight skirts with a split and tweed suits. The "commercially looking" yellow summer parka turns into pure lux due the use of double-face cashmere, while the leather is worked into open-work surfaces.

Normally the (not so anymore) hidden meaning of pre-collection is in their commercial good effort, as they are normally the money-maker for the brand. Not that Hermès one, that is actually their debut one in terms of official showcase, isn´t that way sell-able, but definitely much, much less accessible to a larger customer circle, compared to other high-end brands. They even don´t make a big differences in terms of garments design between regular show-collections and pre-collections, because normally the show- pieces take care of the image of each house, while the in-between are the sellable ones. Whatever comes from Hermès is a silent-lux piece, made impeccable and has that casual easy, but with a quite higher price-tag on. Why? It´s a part of their image-tactic, made possible mostly thankfully to their leather bags and accessories. Just mind their "Kelly and "Birkin", how many people craves after them and how much they are still a status-symbol for many, then you will get the answer. 

/ original images courtesy of hermès /

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