Natasa Cagalj showcases her lust for experimentation in this  Ports 1961 resort 2017 collection, made by new shapes, proportions and surprising cuts. The cut-out details showcasing bare-skin is featured on men´s-inspired shirts and shirt dress, while she also continues with the side-sleeve cut on sweatshirts, sweaters and some shirts, this time with really deep ones. The silhouette is half of collection rounded, mostly accentuated in sleeves for oversize coats, some ankle-length pants with drawstring ties at the end and some tops, while the other half is straight and flared, seen especially in the tailored part of the collection, including the brand´s traditional suits, but without that sartorial rigour and strictness. They were actually embellished by waves and some ironic slogans to not only create some graphic elements, but to cheer-them-up, turn the playfulness part on, which was the general feeling present throughout the whole collection.

/ original images courtesy of ports 1961 /

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