Samuel Drira´s constant idea is to bring a sort of uniformity, but not the literal one that sound stiff and rigid, but he is about pieces with a certain flexibility or in other words, elevated basics, must-haves that encompass all elements, from comfort to quality, from ease to versatility. Layering silhouettes, made from elaborated garments inspirited by essential pieces, as may be the kimono and a shirt in an East-meets-West way, like for example relaxing denim with a Judo belt, lightweight lacquered leather reversible blouson, tunics, fringed dresses and ponchos, cotton track pants and bicolour plisse knits. The colour palette is mostly in the Nehera classic scheme, like beige, black and oatmeal, but Drira added also some pop of colour, seen in saturated tones of purple, khaki and rust, inspired by the universe of artist Serge Lutens.

/ original images courtesy of nehera /

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