Thankfully the rumours about Phoebe Philo (possible) departure are over and I have not a hint of a willing to talk about it, because I am 99,9 % sure that when will that happen, and it will, because nothing is eternal, especially in fashion, I will definitely lose my appetite for Céline. Céline is Phoebe Philo, like it or not! After long time dame P.P. served us a big portion of a commercial outing for this coming winter-season. There is still her relaxed allure and you can easily find conceptual shapes, but the key words for the collection are: simplicity, practicality and super comfort. Elongated lines made of draped dresses that act as tops, paired with long, lean and cut into a bell-shape trousers, while the coats made a sense of protection due their cocoon-shape and super-cosy materials. Proportions are oversized, even if here and there are also pieces of soft tailoring, like crisp-cotton shirts and raincoats. How not to mention accessories, especially bags when talking about Céline and this time there are plenty new to choose; from all those flat, rectangular shaped to the soft, super-soft ones with ribbons as handle, not to mention strappy sandals and pointy pumps, big-button like earrings and mask-shaped sunglasses. 

/ original images and video courtesy of céline /

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