Can be a total black (or almost) collection intriguing to showcase? Sure, why not, after all black is not a colour and there are many variations of it, depending mostly by the material. And when you "play black", the focus really gets on that, yeah, the material, not to mention cuts and volumes, which frankly is the hardest way to achieve a modest collection, let alone the outstanding one, but when it you do it, it´s exceptional. The black colour is also the best one in the palette to play with androgynous pieces, building genderless looks. When you imagine a Parisian tomboy with that noir-allure, well I bet you got the Ann Demeulemeester aesthetic in your mind; an aesthetic where the menswear-inspired tailoring is marvellous counterpoint to the femininity of draping, ruffles and sheerness. And let´s be honest, Sébastien Meunier continues this heritage in a really respectful way, even when adding some personal, modern touches. 

/ all original images and video courtesy of ann demeulemeester /

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