The love for the Baltic coast and sea and consequently a source of inspiration for Jonny Johansson seems not to end, actually it´s quite opposite; from collection to collection seems this source be really fruitful, in every term and form. Acne women´s winter collection "dives" deeply into the Northern Sea and the whole allure comes directly from the fishermen´s work clothes, like the big cargo pants, puffy winter jacket turned into a dress or really cropped jacket or it´s a top, roomy boiler suit and fisherman jacket in crinkly leather, not to mention over-the-knee wellington-inspired boots, sandals and handbags intertwined by thick sailor rope. There is also worth (not only) to mention really beautifully heavy-wool overlapping coats, fastened by thin sort of metal ring belts and a modern-approach to basics made from vinyl.

/ original images and video courtesy of acne studios, except the main original image courtesy of jason lloyd-evans /

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