Lucie Meier and Serge Ruffieux made  a true homage to the Christian Dior, not only with the showcase space, the original house couture salons on the Avenue Montaigne, but also with a fresh, youthful and modern reinterpretations of Dior´s codes and spirit. They actually did in this way with every collection since Raf Simons left. This haute couture, the last collection by the mentioned duo was entirely made from a balanced black and white colour palette, time to time enriched by some golden accent, the same way as the bright brushstrokes on the salons white walls. In total 45 couture, romantic looks as a modern reinterpretation of well-known hourglass shapes, like it was the iconic Tailleur Bar and the New Look style, accentuated with cinched-waist, off-shoulders and flared skirts, with here and there a subtle touch of flamboyance, like the embroideries on jackets.

/ original images and video courtesy of dior /

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