When it comes for bags I think I grown up, meaning that there´s not a "season-bag money spending thing" anymore, but a careful "listen to your heart and think deeply-twice" situation. In that way one bag suits many looks, lasts and gets older with you, becoming "personalized" - yes, she reveals your lifestyle (wink). If I would look up for a bag in the last period and (a big) if I would have enough money to spend (starving for fashion is so high-school thing), well, one of my biggest contenders for a buy would definitely be this piece of art from Hermès.  This bag is big enough to carry your daily essentials (underline the world essential, so excluded a second outfit, a sos-pair of shoes, half of your beauty-home-storage and a third of pharmacy), classic, but different at the same time, rich, but not pretentious. Yes, my dear "Cherche Midi", you would be mine, but for now an occasional "dream-thing".

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