Did Barbara Casasola have in mind the same extreme-contrast inspiration as we saw in Proenza Schouler collection? Maybe, but Casasola´s one was definitely more free than restraint. Actually the only so-called restraint part we can only find in the drawstring, present on above-the knee skirts and dresses, making that typical ruffle-effect. Otherwise the collection is a pure galore of the 90´s nude-minimalism. The Casasola lady is not unfamiliar with sexy, semi- or full-transparent pieces, but still maintains that elegance and never results vulgar. In my opinion a dress can never be vulgar; vulgarity comes and is made exclusively with the attitude of the person who wears it. Brave or not, Casasola´s lady is self-confident and aware of her sensual side. She likes to wear intimates, like slip dresses, as a part of her daily along double-cashmere belted coats. But she has also some more rigorous days too during the week, a time when she opts for something more classic, like a soft-cashmere suit, composed by structured trousers, unlined jacket and a sheer-bra or top. Stricter yes, but she is never leaving her sensual side. 

/ original images courtesy of barbara casasola /

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