We all know how a white shirt looks. For many of you may appear annoying, too conventional or even a synonym of formality. If you ever got a chance to make your version of it, how it would look like? Masculine, feminine or unisex, short or long, wearable or avant-garde, with or without collar,..?

Now you have a chance to do so. Apply for the competition “SAMPLE SHIRT” and got a chance to win a material to make a collection of shirts designed by you that will be sold in the Pentlja Concept Store. The only rule is that the sample must be made exclusively of white “shirt”-cotton, for everything else you really have free hands – sky is the limit!

Candidates must to hand in/send their sample shirt until 21.03.2016 to the Pentlja Concept Store.
They will present their prepared samples to expert jury, composed by photographer Peter Giodani, stylist and editor Nina Jagodic, fashion designer and stylist Barbara Podlogar, by me, shop owner and jewellery designer Goga Štiftar, dipl. inž. konf. teh. Alenka More, fashion designer Nataša Hrupič and editor Dejan David Kemperl.

For applications and all other information regarding the competition you can contact at
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