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Is a reference to the fact that Nicklas Kunz now is in a sphere that needs no further introduction.

"In my mind, every seasonal collection whether it is a capsule or runway collection, needs to stand alone," Nicklas says. "If the designer is good enough, the garments would need to further explanation, as the observer would feel the strength and power by watching the models walking down the catwalk, dressed to maximize the feeling of understanding the label and its designer."

And there is no doubt that Nicklas Kunz has grown the last couple of seasons. The vigilante, the hoodlum and the curious designer makes a clear statement for his S/S 2016 collection. Living in L.A, two months prior to the show, the creative mind of the Zealand born son, comes to peace when he is allowed to evolve in the environment of his own lupus armentum.
"This season is about the subconscious level within the fashion scene. We watch and read about what a certain brand entail, what the designers feel and think about a seasonal collection and henceforth emphasis on the label and collection rather than make it self-explanatory. In conclusion "You already Know" is a street reference, without labelling the S/S 2016 collection," Mr. Kunz states clearly.

For me Nicklaz Kunz is different in the Nordic perspective because he really cares. He cares about the people around him and he takes a deep interest in those who wears and those who wants to understand. His state of mind becomes more empowered by each season. Next to the fact that he dresses musicians, poets and self-appointed gangsters, where does he draw his inspiration? And the answer makes it clear. Life and music.
"Socially, music evolves the man, it reflects the contemporary urban living, in which timeless trends can blossom," Nicklas Kunz states.

Each season hold two colours, whether it is black and white, black and red, black and yellow or blue and black. What defines your decision of colours?
“I use a colour that defines a story or can carry the monochrome colour story to another level. Eg. the red & blue in AW15 “HOME NOX” was a reference to the gangs culture of crisp & bloods, which was shoot in Compton, LA with the rapper Tayyib Ali," Nicklas answers.

The environment for which he unveils, it essential for his creativity and inner calm. "Through my design I intend to connect people from different social and economic background. Fashion should not just hold your attention, but demand and bring people closer together".

To conclude, Nicklas Kunz S/S 2016. It is serious. And contains a lot of love from the designer, as "You already know".

/ original images courtesy of nicklas kunz /

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