I cannot help myself, but need to start with the praising part; Geller is one of really few menswear designers that I like and admire, so I can get the fact how I missed-to-post his S/S 2016 collection! No excuses, because it´s worth to be post and it will be, soon, so the problem is fixed. Why do I like and admire him that much to make a post-problem? Well, there are few things. First of all, I simply love his aesthetics – a great mix between sporty, urban and lux. Consequently his fashion is mostly based on comfort and great materials, which is a second big pro for me. The third thing is that his shows always inspire me on a possible new combination-to try way and he is a true master of layering. As the last, but is far from be the least one (and there are many other good reasons to Love him, but will maybe add som), maybe the most important one is that his clothes are really wearable, not in trend oriented, so without a dead-line and matchable with all of his previous collections. They are simply Geller-style, as it is also this winter collection, made of pieces like cropped roomie pants, a short sleeve trench, lapel-less double-breasted jacket, quilted parka, a mohair suit, bomber-jackets worn in pants and below-the-ankle wide shorts in a colour palette from black, grey, different brown shades, rusty-red, ochre burgundy and deep green. 

/ all original images courtesy of robert geller, except the main original image courtesy of kate owen /

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