This show was more than enchanting. Of course, Opera Garnier´s main stage and the theatre-act perception helped to elevate that magic-feeling, but not as much as Dries´s newest menswear collection. Without it, the star-dust would vanish after some instants. His”peaceful-army” showcased an impeccable combination of psychedelic prints revisited from the American flower power movement and military uniforms from the early 20th century. The sixty-psychedelic prints, made in commission by the American artist Wes Wilson and seen across duffle coats, trousers and parkas,  merged fluidly with pinstriped bomber jackets and cargo pants, chesterfields, trench coats, military badges stitched to teddies and sweaters, oversize suits, velvet bathrobes and embroideries on suit jackets. This was a true regal collection, with many remarkable cutting-edge details and all Van Noten´s trademark elements like impeccable tailoring, prints and some bold colours. 

/ all original images and video courtesy of dries van noten, except the main original image courtesy of jason lloyd-evans /

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