If you are afraid of colours, probably because you don´t know how to deal with them, meaning matching altogether, than this collection can open to you a whole new world. The only thing you have to do is to indulge yourself into a true lesson of mix and match, led by one and only Dries Van Noten. He is known as a master of combining rich colours, print, embellishments and fabrications, most of the time everything listed is present on the same outfit and always looking bold, harmonious and energetic; very Van Noten.  For the upcoming S/S 2016 season he raised this level, the so called notion of taboo. In other words there are more bold, un-combinable colours matched together, as also every other possibly extravaganza, that you won´t think (before seeing it from him) to do on your daily-basis. He adroitly combines retro elements, 1940´s bra tops, swing coats, sharp shoulders, slim 1930´s dresses with tulle, tweed, denim, chiffon, bi-hued satins, jacquards, sequins and brocades, not to mention those tattoo-like body stockings-gloves, present through the whole collection. Another conquest of fearless, bold, kinky and harmonious assemblies in intense-decadent colour palette and with that flamboyant touch, making you to fall in love with what you never thought you would. This is a declaration that comes from a black-colour lover.

/ original images courtesy of dries van noten, except the mani original image courtesy of jason lloyd-evans /

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