What was the reason that made Raimund Berthold to turn into more minimal in his latest collection? And by minimal I mean without his well-known bold graphics. The “culprit” of these monochrome-looks was a Swedish-born artist Klara Lidén, known for her site-specific installations and videos, whose work inspired him. In particular, Berthold got the most attention on the artist´s “Poster painting” series, made from layers of advertising posters that the artist collected from city streets and which she lately reworked by adding a layer of white paint on top and re-locating them in new spaces, generating a whole new experience for the viewer. He translated Lidén´s multi-layering effect into his design, by playing with proportions and shape, but also by combing high-tech materials, like nylon, with organic ones, like silk organza and wool. The result is nineties-inspired looks, made of voluminous lightweight jackets, paired with wider, generously-pleated and ankle-length cropped trousers or with running shorts. 

/ original images courtesy of berthold, except the main original image courtesy of  ieva blazeviciute /

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