Who doesn´t know about the pair of Levi´s jeans? They are with us from the 18th century. In 1853, during the California Gold Rush, they were introduced by Levi Strauss, who imported denim fabric from France* and used it to create solid, sturdy trousers, that would later become over-popular blue-jeans. Their popularity never faded; actually they are really high-demanded in the last year. Beside Lev´s, there are many other really great denim brands from the U.S. to mind; after sharing you my European favourites, here are coming the U.S. colleagues.


Since its launching in 2011 by Scott Morrison, the New York brand is infused through signature slim-leg jeans, dungarees and sleek jackets in a quite wide range of innovative washes and options range from limited edition to custom-made. Their Soho store is the only boutique in downtown New York to contain a public, working factory and that´s more than a valid prove that 3x1 takes the art of denim very seriously.


Founder Paige Adams-Geller was for years a former model for numerous denim brands, so she knows a thing or two on how jeans should fit on a body. That´s why the brand has a really a wide range of fits, from skinnies to flares to maternity. It may have been founded in 2004, but this LA label reigns today as being the only premium denim brand established by a woman.


This made-in-LA line mixes perfectly two worlds together - new and cool silhouettes made into a super-sexy fit. Compared to 7 For All Mankind and Citizens of Humanity, this brand, founded in 2010 founded by the same team (Tim Keading and Lela Tillem), has a lot more to offer than just a regular pair of jeans.

simon miller

This already cult denim label was founded on the principles of Japanese fabrications, classic American construction and modern fit. Initially they produced just jeans, but they are now expanding the brand´s range with other garments, like coats and shirts that complement really well the label´s Japanese denim.


Where to find best distressed pair of jeans? The answer is this New York denim brand. R13 offers you a wide range of frayed in a restrained but interesting way jeans and believe me, not just that. The label´s rock´n´roll aesthetic extends its offering beyond boyfriend style and shredded skinny jeans, also into cotton-cashmere T-shirts, leather-wear and “destroyed” sweatshirts. And believe me, this is just a small flavour of their rebellious attitude.

industry standard

The cherry on the top should be always the last one. And it this. Are you looking for a great middle- or high-waisted pair of jeans in a “the American in Paris” sixties style? If the answer is yes, you would become really happy to know that they don´t cost a fortune, compared to their really high quality. This is New York´s label American Standard, founded by Nicole Najafi, 100% produced within the U.S.. Their denim is sourced from North Carolina, cut and sewn in Los Angeles and then shipped to New York. And here doesn’t end; every pair of jeans passes through Nicole´s hands before reaching their customer. Inside the package you will find also a handwritten note!

speaking about France, the name "denim" derives from the French serge de Nîmes, referring to the city of Nîmes. The contemporary use of the word "jean" comes from the French word for Genoa, Italy (Gênes).

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