magazine interview december january 14.15
photographer mert & marcus
stylist arianne phillips
hair andy lecompte
make-up lucia pieroni

We are in a really strange era...the era where a naked, oversize bottom is well appreciated and accepted, while non-artificially corrected breasts are banned, slayed...a taboo! Especially when it comes for women close to her 60´s. This kind of response (I doubt is the last one) got Madonna´s new photo that will be featured in the upcoming Interview December/January issue. I am horrified of the idea that I am living surrounded by hypocrisy and judgments. People are pointing a finger to a woman, that is (with an extra help or not) aging graciously, maintaining her physical and mental condition on a top to-envy level. To be proud of yourself, your look, is wrong? To have a body that many women half her age doesn´t have and be proud of it, is wrong? Really? Is this the reason of the descrimination? Which human being can dictate to another one how to live, think, look and feel? Are we really at that point? Again? Instead of getting forward, with respect, we are getting far-way back.
The only tip that I can give to those kind of people, beside „think with your own head“, is read and learn, before you start judging and pointing finger (which is kind’ a massive trend in last years). At the end you don´t need to be no one’s fan or admirer, to start really understanding things.

Maybe it`s a good start here (for this particular case). 

/ original images courtesy of interview magazine /

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