Yang Li continues his romantic-grunge style also in the S/S 2015 collection. Only two years after establishing his own brand, he is already known by mixing pieces that at first sight may appear the opposite, it´s known that opposites attracts each other. He paired a not really optimistic mottos printed on t-shirts with airy organza shirts and pleated chiffon, long skirts. Nirvana´s look-like flannel pieces mixed with satin skirts or a possible hardness of the leather jacket, waistcoat and shorts with delicate satin, silk and chiffon. From season one till now, Li´s aesthetic is evolving due the manipulation of materials. The only (big) thing that I am concerned of, is that he will remain stuck in his self-made aesthetical barrier; the one is making him well-known.  

/ original images and video courtesy of yang li, except the original main image courtesy of lea colombo /

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