His well-known loose-fitting silhouettes made often of floor-length robes, unconstructed blazers paired with tailored pants evoking romantic poetry was still present in his S/S 2015 collection; but there was a difference, quite big one. The multi-layering effect that he uses in most of his past collections were almost gone and I doubt that just because of a summer collection. Everything was gentler, easy, soft…could I say minimal? Yes. From the monochromatic looks, that he did also in his winter 2014/2015 collection, by adding this time soft pinks among lilacs, whites and greys.  Maybe the soft, gentle part came from the inspiration for this collection; a rose, actually her petals, here resembled in blouses with ruffles and ruched jackets. But I guess also by for example pairing a seemingly easy sweater with comfortable pants and light duster/vest. In the last two seasons Haider Ackermann did a brilliant job; reinventing the brand´s aesthetic without change it. Maybe it´s more accurate to say that he refresh it. Well done. 

/ Original images courtesy of Haider Ackermann, except the head original photo courtesy of Jason Lloyd-Evans /

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