The brand´s aesthetic of combining far east with elements of west is almost gone; there is just a Tabi belt as the element of his heritage present in this resort 2015 women`s wear collection. Everything else is gone (like here or here). A new Damir Doma woman is more attracted into sporty elements and simple, but still structured lines. The cleaning part became very literally to him as he removed the texture part from this collection, his preoccupation in recent years, and replaced them with prints. The Pollock-inspired print and the narrow one were all painted by hand. My favourite piece? The pleated bomber.

By looking at the collection I have no doubts, Damir is making his woman more feminine, without losing the connection with his menswear line (that´s how his brand started). My problem is that I still cannot relate the new Doma with the old one. For me is like the soul of the brand is lost. Or is just me that I need to accustom myself to a (new) brand that once was one of my favourite?

/ Photos courtesy of Damir Doma /

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