Where to start with Prada? Every collection made by Miuccia is like renaissance; a lot of things to discuss and overview, but I will try to be focused, concrete and short.  Mrs. Prada imagined her collection as a contrast between beauty, preciousness and the richness of ancient fabrics like brocade (she reproduced thirty brocades dated from the 19th century to the 60´s), and raw ones like cotton and gauze. Two opposite words in one collection; rich and poor. How this can be more suitable and real for nowadays. Trim-stitched dresses, skirts (both with to the knee lenghth) and A-lined coats, tunic over skirt, leather car coats, light knitwear and patchwork-like duster coat and dress. Here many of you would ask; where comes the poverty part? By seams marked for sewing? Maybe. Or that edges of many garments were frayed on purpose, like unfinished. Probably. But everything still looked very bourgeois-ish. Expensive. Even where looks were accessorised with below the knee socks; a very typical Prada detail.

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