Let´s first say: this is an NSFW video and includes some nudes (yes, those full frontal too). Ok, it´s not a deep night yet and we didn´t close all the shutters to see it…because we are now in the middle of the (bright) day and this isn´t something to be ashamed of. Nudity or being nude is something spontaneous and shameless; we were all born nude, so no more comments on this, please.

Jonathan Saunders celebrates ten years of his successful brand with this sharp, dark and clever short film directed by Justin Anderson.It´s tale of a bourgeois European family's everyday reality being interrupted by the visit of an enigmatic and naked visitor. Inspired by the painter David Hockney’s “Swimming Pool Series” and Pier Paolo Pasolini film “Teorema”, the film shows the visitor’s impact on each family member, without loosing the view on the colours and pattern of Saunderns trademark knits. 

Desire, guilt or confusion? How will you feel? Now press play and let me know…

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